The mural wallpaper trend of 2023 has taken the design world by storm. From simple geometric patterns to complex illustrations, there are a plethora of options to chose form. But, if you’r looking for inspiration, we’ve rounded up the top 10 murals of 2023.


First up is Papi Steak, a restaurant in Miami that has caught the attention of celebrities like Drake. While the restaurant is known for its gourmet cuisine and extravagant drinks, it’s the expansive mural that steals the show. Concept and curation by wallpaper Candice Kaye Designer - CKD, the dark background allows for the colorful florals to pop. This mural is the perfect backdrop for social media post and serves as a powerful marketing tool.

 CKD Candice Kaye Design Papi steak

CKC Candice Kaye Design Papi Steak

2 BVRGER by Christian Ventura


If you are a fan of both food and art, there’s nothing better than dining in a restaurant with a stunning mural. BVRGER restaurant located in Old Montreal has taken it to the next level with a mural that adds to the overall burger vegan dining experience.


Created by WYNIL in collaboration with ROYER DESIGN, the mural at BVRGER restaurant is a beautiful and eclectic work of art. It was created from an old tapestry and brough to life with vibrant colors that make it truly stand out. The mural stretched up to the mezzanine level, where diners can experience the feeling of dining in the treetops.

Bvrger bathroom red birds




Le Petit Dep is a coffee shop chain with multiple locations, but their newest concept store stands out with a stunning mural that’s worth the visit. Created by the multi-talented actress Melora Hardin, the mural is a beautiful collage that adorns the walls of this charming café. Its floral tapestry adds a unique touch to the already inviting atmosphere.


Melora Hardin storyboard


Moreover, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the bathroom on the main floor, where more of Melora’s work can be seen. The ambience is reminiscent of the believed sitcom ‘Friends,’ evoking a cozy and familiar feeling that makes you want to stay longer.

 Petit depp Magic Garden Melora



Kate Golding is a Canadian artist who creates unique wallpaper murals that are unlike any other. Her prints art in the format of a mural and do not repeat for several feet. Her speciality is allows for business to create unique bespoke projects that accentuates their business branding. One such business is Balzac’s Coffee Roaster, who reached out to Kate to create a custom wallpaper design for their cafes.

 Kate Golding custom Balzac

Kate found inspiration from a range of unique elements that represented the brand – coffee branch with fruit blossoms, antique coffee biggins, a portafilter in action and succulents which is the trademark of Kate’s work. Her design always incorporate elements of nature and she often draws inspiration from Canadian landscapes.

 Kate Golding Balzac custom

Kate Golding Balzac



Wallpaper has long been a popular choice for interior design, providing a quick and easy way to add color, texture, and pattern to any room. But what if you could take things one step further and transform your walls into a work of art? This is precisely what Aleksandra Krakowiak, also known as OLA, has done for Place Carmin, a new restaurant in Montreal.

 Place Carmin OLA wallpaper

When Place Carmin reached out to WYNIL for a custom mural, they selected OLA as the artist in charge of the project and she immediately saw the potential in the space’s modern yet feminine design concept.

 Place Carmin OLA wallpaper

Place Carmin wallpaper OLA


The result is a stunning mural that serves as a tapestry for the restaurants interior. The us of light blush pink lines is a unique element that adds a sense of tranquility to the space. These lines start are thin and gradually work their way up to the ceiling, creating an illusion of height and depth. The material is a stucco finish giving texture to the piece.

 Place Carmin OLA

This mural becomes part of the space, enhancing its atmosphere and mood. The true hallmark of great design – the ability to create something that no only looks beautiful but also serves a functional purpose.