Chic attitude with Filostrato 

For Filostrato, the power of Black is chic attitude. No decor could go wrong with her philosophy of composition. Her taste and vision could bring any decor into something fabulous. 

Filostrato wallpaper

Les Amants is that wallpaper that bring you the opportunity to do only a rectangle square. 
Filostrato Amants
Filostrato Les Amats black
And finally, the black wallpaper could be just a statement into a white background like an Art frame. 
Filostrato_Les AMants

The power of black, RandySmith understand it.

RandySmith understand how powerful and magnificent could transform a black wallpaper in a room, corridor, hallway, restaurant, even a small room. The dramatic, modern and romantic black portraits murals of his first collection that he created with his artistic team soulmate, could bring any room into a fabulous piece of art. The black wallpaper enhance any furniture, or pastels tones or a tone on tone black room. 

To be bold could be tricky sometimes, but the fabulous taste of RandySmith fit into modern, minimalist or maximalist decor.  The contrast between the pastel colours and the black background wallpaper put his portraits under a dramatic romantically and modern feel. His black portrait wallpaper give a light statement and blend into any decor, even if the subject is oversized. 


randysmith black wallpaper wynil pink and black mural

Blossoms and black background mural

RandySmith add subtile blossom over the black background mural. His floral accent make feel the room bigger than it really. The oversized florals is not only visually striking, but it's also a very strong contrast, which reinforces the feeling of the size and embellish the room effortless. 


Randy Smith blossom


RandySmith blossom floral