As the winter chill thaws and the first signs of spring breathe new life into our days, Kate Golding's Abundant Springtime wallpaper collection emerges as a perfect homage to this transformative season. The collection is a symphony of color and life, offering designs that encapsulate the essence of spring's renewal and growth.


The Daffodil Wallpaper Series

– Available in hues of Saddle Brown, Sage Green, and White, these wallpapers feature daffodils swaying gently in the sunshine, symbolizing the resilience and warmth of the spring season.

Daffodil sage wallpaper with lamp and wainscoating


Forest Blooms Wallpaper 

– With options like Nighttime, Oxblood, Pink, and White, this range invites you into a woodland awakening, where the forest floor is alive with the first delicate blooms post-winter.

Forest Blooms Pink wallpaper with cream chair. designed by Kate GoldingForest Blooms Brown wallpaper. Designed by Kate Golding.


Honeysuckle Wallpaper

– This design is an olfactory journey, with the dense and heady scent of honeysuckle captured visually in lush, graceful florals that seem to grow more vibrant at dusk.


Honeysuckles wallpaper by Kate Golding with pink vintage chair.

Horse Chestnut Blossom Serie

– Celebrating the grandeur of spring, these wallpapers feature regal blossoms of the horse chestnut tree, a spectacle of nature's splendor.

 Horse Chestnut Blossom a bathroom vintage wall.Horse Chestnut Blossom with a pink chair


Lily of the Valley Wallpaper

– A personal favorite of Golding, this delicate flower is depicted in its purest form, with tiny white blossoms that offer the heavenly fragrance of a hidden garden.

Vintage chair on a backdrop wall of Lily Valley green wallpaper designed by Kate Golding.


Robin Patterns Serie

– The Robins in Parchment and Silvery Grey embody the comforting chorus of spring's arrival, busy at work with nest-building.

Robins wallpaper designed by Kate Golding with a close-up of a vintage table lamp.


Spring Peepers Wallpaper

– In Cream and Khaki, these wallpapers bring the dramatic chorus of frogs to life, a comforting soundtrack to the best spring evenings.


Spring peeper frog wallpaper with vintage chair. Design by Kate Golding.


Spring Pop Wallpaper

– Capturing the new beginnings and fresh starts of the season, these designs in Oxblood and Pink, Parchment, Pink and Khaki, and Silvery Grey burst with joy and the lust for life that spring embodies.


Spring Pop Oxblood wallpaper. Design by Kate Golding.Spring Pop Gray wallpaper. Pink Lamp. Design by Kate Golding.


The Abundant Springtime collection by Kate Golding is more than just wallpaper; it's a celebration of life's cyclical rebirth, an invitation to bring the outside world's energy and growth into your interior spaces. With each design, Golding not only showcases her talent for capturing the beauty of nature but also her ability to translate it into art that can transform any room into a space of inspiration and joy.