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So You Can Focus 

on Designing Stunning Interiors.

Take Fun Seriously.
WOW wall décor Created by Professionals, 
for Professionals.

[Heads up: bragging ahead! Because we're awesome.]

The extra spark in our prints comes from our 10-year creative and technical experience providing  architects and designers with custom murals (Bombardier, Gaile Guevara Designer, Shriners Hospital).  We have been [having fun while]  putting together an exclusive image bank for you, and MOST OF ALL, developing simply what we know to be the highest image definition on the Internet wallpaper market.

  [Told ya! And, told ya.] 

What You'll Get  with

 our Hearty Wallpaper and Mural Solutions 


A Life-Like Textured Look with No Repeat

Concrete, marble, fabric, wood, tiles... You will love seeing such a realistic rendering in our iconic wallpaper collection : our very own photographic and creative technique allows us to avoid pattern repeat. So you get a super truthful and consistent effect on the wall.  

De Nada.

Eco Friendly + Premium Paper

Choose our high quality soft matte pre-pasted ecological wallpaper, or our commercial grade eco vinyl available in 54- or 26-inches-large strips. 

Super Easy Order

Adios, calculations. Enter your measurements, and receive the panels perfectly cut to your project's sizing + a little extra because, you know. Generosity. 

Free Shipping for USA + Canada

Fresh custom rolls delivered worldwide. We care that you receive your wallpaper promptly. We are so flexible we can bend time. Just kidding! Sort of. 

The Finest Level of Image Detail

Impress your client with one [or ten] of our murals. They are such a high resolution that we can print them up to 50 feet high and wide, and you will still see a clear-cut image. We capture the slightest details to create the emotion. 


Effortless Work.  It's a Thing

Need inspiration? Let our interior designer study your plans, we will come up with the right subtle textured look, dramatic impact or any other perfect creative and technical solution.

You are in good hands.

Simple Medium, Plentiful Result

Making a wow difference is now a piece of cake. We have studied every detail, even in the most elaborate pictures. Your client is given a dreamy choice of unique and outstanding backdrops, such as lovers' padlocks from Paris' le Pont des Arts, snowy getaways, handcrafted knitting...

Yes to possibility.

We Got your Back!

Our team is well-known for providing a supa dupa high level of service prior to, during and after the production of your best-case-scenario wall décor. Tiny space? Huge room? Lack of natural light? Short budget? We bring an elegant solution to each challenge.

From Experience, with Love.

Ask us for samples. Get a quote. Tell us about your project. Join our trade program.

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